webdada is digital agency.

To be precise, webdada is a full service digital agency, smart and reliable, with a skilled, talented and prolific team. Are we the right web agency for you? Here is an overview of our activities: how we work, where (Genoa-Milan) and why. We are looking forward to meeting you in person and winning your trust.

We think big: we think web.

Growing digital opens up a new world of opportunities. Our mission is to develop multichannel marketing strategies to get you wherever you need to arrive. We will gain your trust by taking your business into the Italian market.

If you prefer to explain right away what you need, we are ready to hear you out. Just fill out the quick contact form!

Tell us about

Solid creativity in liquid modernity

We live inside the “modern liquidity”: an ever changing, fast-paced and hyper-connected world. Our clients are scattered around in many different places: our working method – flexible and customized – meets the needs of each one of them. Including budget requirements.

We like digital because, in order to be successful on the Internet, it doesn’t really matter how much you own materially: instead insights, speed and strategy make a huge difference.

Your company has a long history?

Congratulations! In order to pass the next milestones, however, your firm will have to be up to date. webdada can enhance it and keep it competitive - just as it has proved until today.

Your business has just been started?

Where is the problem? webdada’s media-neutral planning is also perfect for innovative start-ups. We are looking forward to help you achieve your goal.

You are not very familiar with the Internet?

There is nothing to worry about: your key to the digital world will be webdada. We integrate the Internet and the new media with the traditional channels. Working with us will allow you to make things simpler and manage them better.

Modernity is liquid, but this is just why our job proves crucial for producing results. A "solid" creativity is the basis of our success: we plan, program, develop, analyse, write and draw with thoughts flying high and feet firmly on the ground – and we put all our heart into it.
We are extremely light. And this is why we can bring you very far.