Work with us

webdada is a full service digital agency based in Genoa and Milan.

We deal with cross-media advertising. Each one of us is specialised in a different field and shares this expertise with the others in order to plan successful campaigns. The top services of webdada are digital marketing, web development and SEO. Digital technology holds us together even when we are not materially in the same office. webdada’s team is composed of project managers, copywriters, graphic designers, social media managers, IT specialists, web developers, web designers, press agents, photographers and filmmakers.

Commitment and honesty are the core values, here at webdada. The one who works with us has got an amazing talent, is driven by a strong passion for digital media and really wants to make a difference. It would be even better for him/her if he/she loved cats: we have one who, although quite reserved and concerned of his privacy, usually wanders around the office.